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Introduction to the plot

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The talented young Go player Sheng Jingchu (Niu Junfeng ornaments), a dark horse posture He became famous in World War I and made a sensation in the Go world. He has never accepted any interviews and has become the subject of numerous media reports. Trainee reporter Cheng Lei (Landi Li) helped Sheng Jingchu escape, but was misunderstood as his girlfriend. The two did a fake show, but they finally got married. Subsequently, Sheng Jingchu suffered a defeat in the game and being driven out of the dojo by his master. His life fell into a trough, and Cheng never gave up, and the two inspired each other. In the end, Cheng Liao used new media to promote Go, promote traditions, and become an excellent cultural reporter. Sheng Jingchu sticks to the way of chess and honed his chess skills, so that more young people pay attention to Go, and become a new generation force that inherits the spirit of Chinese Go.

Diversity plot



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    Cast list

    Cast list

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    Staff table

    ProducerBu Yu (general), Chi Yufeng (general), Jiang Xiaoping, Lianjian, Dai Wei, Guo Zhihan (Joint)
    ProducerLiu Ning (Chief Producer), Yang Shu (Chief Producer), Peng Hong (producer), Liu Chao (producer), Shishiyu (producer), Zhang Yuanxin (producer), Jiang Feng (executive producer), Li Jibo (executive producer), Bao Hanqi ( Executive Producer), Li Zongrui (Executive Producer)
    ProducerYang Shu (general), Zeng Yingxue (general), Xie Ying ( total) , Huang Zhen, Wang Guijun, Jia Zijing, Liu Jiali
    DirectorJu Jueliang, Liu Chang
    Screenwriter< /td>Wang Weiwei, Chen Chun, Feng Ze, Yu Juncan, Zhao Xin
    PhotographyWei Jie (Guide), Yu Fang (Guide)
    SoundtrackSa Dingding (director), An Dongming (director), Liu Dali (sound design), Xu Xin (composer)
    EditingChen Xi (director)
    Casting DirectorFan Yu, Sun Yuyue (actor coordinator), Zhang Chi (actor assistant director)
    Art DirectorLi Ling
    Action DirectorSun Mengfei (Director)
    Styling DesignLi Ling (Director), Lin Jiajin (Director)
    LightingLu Pengju (Guide)
    IssuePeng Hong ( Total)

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    Role introduction

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    Music soundtrack

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    Song name

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    "Dream as a horse"

    Chen Huan

    Sa Dingding

    Jiao Maiqi

    Introduction song

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    "Picking Light"

    Chen Huan


    Sa Dingding

    Ending song

    "Nice to meet you"

    Liu Enxun

    Hwang Yong Ju

    Zhao Bell


    "More Than Tears"

    Liu Enxun

    Xu Xin

    Xie Danni

    《Color Breeze 》

    Liu Enxun

    < p>Du Zhiwen

    Du Zhiwen


    《Lonely Dust》

    Bryan (Sun Wei)

    Xu Xin

    He Xuanlin


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    Behind the scenes

    • In order to get closer to the role, Han Jiunuo is receiving After taking the role of Cheng Yi, the hostess of the TV station, she watched a large number of interview shows to observe different hosts and did her homework in advance.

    • Junfeng Niu, played by Sheng Jingchu, is a professional Go master. Professional Go skills are the most difficult obstacles he needs to overcome. Niu Junfeng has been trained for three months before shooting. Certificate recognition.

    Behind the scenes production

    Creative background

    The play specially invited "Chess Saint" Nie Weiping Serving as a Go consultant, guiding the rules of each game in the play, and presenting the profound background of Chinese Go culture with the most hard-core professional knowledge.

    Filming process

    On September 23, 2020, the play was officially launched in Qingdao, Shandong Oriental Movie Capital; on December 24, the play was in Qingdao Officially completed.


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    Perfect World Television

    Participate in the project

    Unit name

    Happy Blue Ocean Film Group

    Joint Produced

    Haocui Television


    Perfect World Film and Television Liu Ning Studio

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    Broadcast information

    Preliminary promotion

    On August 6, 2020, the play released a set of posters with the theme of "Chess First Success", and officially announced the starring lineup; October 26, the play released stills; October 28, 2020 Autumn Fair The main line of building a well-off society in an all-round way, decisively winning the fight against poverty, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, and launching "Who Give Me"; On November 15, the play held a media exploration class, and the starring scene was divided into two teams of Go to play, "Early Summer" The cp exchanged local love words on the spot, and Li Randi's sentence "This is the back of my hand, this is the back of my instep, and you are my baby" made Niu Junfeng's ears red instantly. On March 25, 2021, the drama released its first trailer and stills; on June 17, Youku’s new drama "Who Is It To Me" was officially licensed for distribution. This is a youthful love competition heritage drama that tells about the cuteness of the workplace. The story of the guardianship between the new reporter Cheng Lea and Sheng Jingchu, a man in the chess world; on June 22, the play released a director's special; on August 25, the play released a CP poster and officially announced that it will be scheduled for September 8. Broadcast on Youku; on August 31, the official of the show announced that Jiangsu Satellite TV; on the same day, the theme song "Pick up the Light" MV sung by Sa Dingding was released; on September 8, the show released a group portrait poster of all members and The ultimate preview.

    Reviewing situation

    Reviewing of Jiangsu Satellite TV CSM63 City

    Broadcast date

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    2021.09 .09










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    6.3 18






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