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iPhone 7 case buying guide: everything you need to know

With every new iPhone comes a new wave of cases for protecting iPhones. Today, several iPhones have been shipped around the world. So, every microscopic iPhone change causes waves in the case industry. So you want to buy an iPhone 7 case, and you wonder where to start? Discover in this article the different types of iPhone 7 cases available with their characteristics.

Benefits of using phone cases?

The iPhone 7 case is a protective pouch for your iPhone phone. It is used against shocks and scratches. It can be plastic (which makes it more rigid ) or rubber, to gain flexibility. The point of having a shell is to absorb shocks. A shell covers the back of the mobile phone, as well as the side walls.

Some different shell types and their characteristics

There are several types of iPhone cases on the market, but it is important to find what suits your iPhone 7 the most. Here are some case features you can choose for your iPhone 7:

1. Resistant shells: regular, waterproof or light

If you want to make sure your iPhone can survive a drop, then a rugged case is what you should choose. These cases use clever designs, often with multiple materials, for the ultimate protection of your iPhone. If you're worried about the screen cracking, look for cases with a prominent lip around the screen or get a screen protector.

The iPhone 7 is water resistant, but if you want more protection, you can get a waterproof case . There are far fewer of these types of cases and they are thicker than the average hard case, but they can be worth their weight in gold in the right situation.

Want a sturdy case but don't want to add a lot of bulk to your iPhone? A bumper case could be the perfect solution, which adds edge drop protection and screen protection to your iPhone.

2. classic case: leather, wallets, flip flops and clutches

These cases tend to have a classic look, with a leather construction and the option of convenient slots for money and cards. If you want storage space for money and cards, you can choose wallet leather cases . Almost all include flaps with one to three card slots, and they may also include larger pockets for cash and bills.

Indeed, there are suitable sleeves that completely cover your iPhone so that you can keep it safe.

3. Modern and elegant cases: transparent, bling, carbon fiber and rose gold

Do you want to have a stunning iPhone with a modern style? Probably the easiest option is to show off Apple's industrial design with a transparent case. It looks pretty much like a case without a case, but you get that essential protection. Most clear cases are also thin, but there are thicker options with better protection information .

Flexible bling cases are a fun recent addition, which are mostly clear cases with sparkling crystals added. It's a good way to make your iPhone more eye-catching, while showing off the phone underneath. The rose gold cases are designed to work well with the Rose Gold editions of the iPhone 7, but they also look great with the Black and Jet Black models.

Get a cheap and easy to fit silicone case to your iPhones 7. These often come in a nice range of colors.

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